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The Pilcrow says Hello world!

Someone told me I should blog.

Once upon a time, I wrote trzeba a couple of articles that I published on the website of cheap jerseys my company. I had some things I wanted to get off my mind and motion put “out there” so I wrote them. And since the only website I had at the moment was that of my company, that is where I put them. But I never committed to keep writing.

The feedback I had from the articles was very positive. Time went by and I was thinking of removing them from my site because I didn’t really blog and it Deploying doesn’t look too good to have dinosaur material on a site. But I still received feedback, even years later, that the articles were helpful so I kept them around. And more than one person said they hoped I would continue to write. But I never got around to it.

Today, this has changed. I Thematic have decided to move those early articles from the site of my company to this blog and to start, ehm, actually blogging. Being a typography nerd, the pilcrow seemed a fitting name of since it marks the start of a new paragraph.

Since this is my personal blog, the topics will not necessarily be all work and no play. But as I am involved in web development, the content will naturally be wholesale nba jerseys centered around coding in general and WordPress coding in particular. There will probably be some posts about productivity, organization and personal development too since that is a big interest of mine.

I want to share what knowledge I have gathered so far, and in sharing also gaining new wholesale jerseys knowledge from others. You are welcome to join me and follow along.

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